Dr. Black's 1,000 Hour Integrated Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Dr. Black's 1,000 Hour Integrated Yoga Therapy Teacher Training introduces you to teaching yoga with yoga as therapy as your end goal. Our two year programme begins with our Introductory 200 level course to establish your foundational knowledge of teaching yoga. At this point, you decide whether you wish to continue on the journey and then take our 300 Level Advanced course which includes Yoga Therapeutics and deeper philosophy, anatomy, and therapy sections. Your final year is spent in our unique "Your Journey to Wellness" programme where we guide you in developing a therapy practice where you help others find and keep wellness in their lives regardless of their age or physical conditions.  Dr. Black's 1,000 Hour Integrative Yoga Therapy Programme is Registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  Each individual level (200, 300, and 500) are registered with the US Yoga Alliance and the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

Three Steps of 1,000 Hour Integrated Yoga Therapist Training


Introductory 200 Hour Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Dr. Black's 1,000 Hour Therapy Programme starts with this basic 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training that includes a deeper focus on Yoga Therapy.  We explore all modifications and specific situations for basic beginners and general day to day living.

Advanced 300 Hour Training

300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training In this next 300 Hour Advanced Training, Dr. Black guides students to a deeper understanding of Yogic Principles, Philosophy, History, Practice and Study of Asana, greater depth of anatomy knowledge, and hands on therapeutic practices with clients.  We examine more fully principles of alignment and applications of yoga as therapy.

Journey to Wellness Therapeutics

500 Hour Journey to Wellness Training In this final 500 hours of Dr. Black's 1,000 Hour Yoga Therapeutics programme, we explore each student's own personal journey to wellness and examine ways to help our individual clients and students on their health and wellness journeys.  We delve into such topics as stress and anxiety, cancer, pain and inflammation, and more.

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