Health and Wellness Therapy


Dr. Kathie M. Black, PhD, CYT, CYA-E-RYT 500, RM/RT

Health and Wellness Therapy

Why choose to incorporate Health and Wellness Therapy into your life?  Dr. Black utilizes a unique “tool box” of therapies to help clients heal and move forward on a path to health and wellness.  These tools include counselling, structural alignment of the body, mindful movement, guided meditation, Reiki, infrared sauna use and more.  Dr. Black meets with clients for an extensive initial intake appointment.  Following this appointment, a second appointment is booked where Therapy Clients are provided with a full analysis and plan of action incorporating appropriate therapies for their specific situation.  The major goal of Heat to Heal Yoga Therapy is to help clients move gently and effectively into a healthy lifestyle and to find relief from pain.

What is the difference between yoga therapy and other types of therapy?

“Yoga Therapy is a subset of Yoga, but represents a different skill set as well as a different set of intentions and goals,” Gary Kraftsow explains in Yoga Therapy Today, Vol 7, Issue 3.  Yoga therapy seeks to help clients reduce symptoms of pain or suffering in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual areas of their life and improve their day to day lifestyle and functionality.  Yoga therapy utilizes not just yoga asana (postures) or pranayama (breathing) or meditation, but looks at the entire person from both an Ayurvedic and Western Medical point of view.

How does a combination of infrared, Reiki, Yoga, and talk therapy improve my health?  By looking at the entire body, mind, and spirit through incorporating Health and Wellness Therapy you will find yourself participating in life to the fullest.  Would you like to know more?  Contact us today.

Initial Intake Appointments are 120 min in duration and may include an additional 30 minute infrared sauna session.  Follow-up Therapy Appointments are an average of 60-90 minutes

Twenty-four (24) hour booking notice required for all appointments.

To Book an Appointment:

By Phone: 250.954.9758

By Email:

Private Therapy Fees:

Initial Intake appointment $200.00 CA

Regular Appointments: $80.00 CA for 30 minutes or $150.00 CA for 60 minutes.

All our fees are negotiable.  We are more interested in seeing Healing happen, so please speak with us regarding fee schedules and payments.

Please note during Covid 19:  All appointments are held at Dr. Black’s home and strict policies of health are in place.  However, if you have an emergency or cannot get to us, we can come to you for an additional fee depending on where you live. You must be completely symptom free, wear a mask, and your appointment may be cancelled if anyone in Dr. Black or your household is ill.  Thank you for understanding.

Please note: We ask for the courtesy of 24 hours cancellation notice if you cannot keep your appointment. If you do not provide us with 24 hours cancellation notice, we will respectfully request payment for your missed session. Thank you for your consideration.