End of Year at Qualicum Beach Sanctuary

We are almost at the end of another year in our beautiful sanctuary.  During this past year we hosted several families for AirBnb and continued to conduct our Individualized Integrated Yoga Teacher Trainings.  In August we made the decision to no longer rent our in-home suite for vacation rentals and turn this lovely space back in Dr. Black’s therapy centre and small studio.  We are thrilled with having the space back to ourselves and even having a couple of extra bedrooms for grandkids and guests!  Our students are finding the smaller studio perfect for quiet meditation and yoga practices and it provides a perfect place for our Integrated Yoga Teacher Trainings.  Dr. Black’s therapy room includes a cozy seating area for chats, an infrared sauna for her clients to use, a table for students to study and have their snacks or meals, and of course, her massage table for Reiki sessions.  It truly has been an awesome year for practice and learning.  Dr. Black has also immersed fully into her photographic studies and continues to develop into a full fledged photographer!  Please watch this site for her Photography pages coming soon.

What’s in store for 2019?  Dr. Black will continue to work with her Integrative Yoga Teacher Trainees with programmes listed with the Yoga Alliance (YA) at the 200, 300 advanced, 500 levels, and with the International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) with her 1,000 hour Yoga Therapy Programme.  She is planning an April immersion at the 200 and 300 advanced level for those looking to spend a month in our lovely area.  This training will  have space for four people to lodge on-site, and of course accommodate local students.  Our space is limited to 5-6 students, so each training is definitely geared toward individuals and small groups!  Watch for more information to follow, and please contact us if you are interested in attending this immersion or setting up your own individualized Integrated Yoga Teacher Training.

As always, Dr. Black is available for private Health & Wellness Therapy Sessions and Reiki on a limited basis.  Please contact us directly for an appointment.  Thanks for stopping in today.  Please spend some time and flow through the pages if you have questions or are interested in our services.  Be safe and enjoy these last wonderful weeks of 2018.

Health, Healing, and Happiness

Dr. Kathie M. Black