Advanced Level Yoga Teacher Training - Level 300

This level is required for students to register with any Yoga Alliance at the 500 Level



300 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate (RYT 500)

Combine this 300 hour level course with the 200 hour level course and you will be able to apply for your RYT® 500 Certification from the American Yoga and/or the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

All our programmes are on request only.  We take private group bookings for a minimum of three to a maximum of ten students (3-10).  Put together your own group of friends and book your training with us directly.  We will schedule the training with your group and our availability to best accommodate an individualized and personalized programme.  One-on-one trainings are offered at an additional cost of 20% per module/section.

Dr. Black's programme is registered with the American Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation Registered Yoga.

Our programme not only meets, but also exceeds requirements for Yoga Teacher Trainings throughout the world. You receive your training from a university science educator, certified yoga therapist, experienced yoga teacher trainer, and other experienced professional teachers.

Teachers can register as a RYT 500 if they have successfully completed a 500-hour yoga teacher training program that is registered with Yoga Alliance. The 500 hours of training can either come from one school or can be a combination of a 200-hour program plus 300 hours of advanced training from a different school. Advanced training is defined as training that requires participants to have completed a 200-hour training. Applicants must submit 100 teaching hours for this designation which must be completed after completing training with a RYS 200 or 500 (Canadian Yoga Alliance).

Training Requirements: 

✓ Completed a 200-hour training program with a RYS 200 AND an additional 300 hours of training with either the same RYS or a different RYS registered as a RYS 300

We invite you to join us for your 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and share in the vibrant energy of our amazing trainings.  Explore our community and area through fantastic day trips.  Find superb relaxation and peace in our Sanctuary and secluded Vancouver Island environment all while enhancing and developing your yoga career or practice.

Dr. Kathie M. Black, PhD
Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500), Health & Wellness Therapist, and Reiki Master/Teacher

Our Mission Statement

All are welcome to inquire as part of our mission to help others heal and increase joy and peace in their lives. Come join us in an all-encompassing practice of self study, yoga, philosophy, anatomy & physiology, consideration of special therapeutic conditions and healing through our peaceful sanctuary as part of your path to better yourself or honour you higher self in a devotion to help others.

Our programme utilizes an integrated yoga approach and we offer the strength and appropriate modifications of a Classical Ashtanga Hatha Yoga method practice to fit all levels of abilities as well as all ages of teacher/practitioner from adolescent to the active older clients. We encourage a personable, home like feeling for all our classes, trainings and workshops. We strive to know all our students, what their particular needs are, and endeavour to ensure you have a safe and beautiful yoga practice.

Our unique philosophy is to incorporate yoga as wellness into our individual daily lives, and to take the approach of teaching the full yogic tradition and grounding it fully in appropriate and effective teaching practices. In addition, Dr. Black incorporates scientific research, a full range of Holistic Therapies and modalities with regard to health and nutrition, and exploration of nature to enhance and encourage a mindful approach to the yogic lifestyle.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goals and Objectives


Develop a deeper understanding of the Yoga philosophies including the Eight Limbs of Yoga, describe the philosophies to others, and demonstrate their use in daily life;


Participate daily in meditation, led, Mysore, and restorative yoga asana practices, as well as in chanting, kriyas, and mantras appropriate to the level of training;


Observe teaching and lecture in asana, meditation, mantra, chanting, kriyas, pranayama practices and adequately demonstrate these skills to others through advanced lesson planning and execution.


Explore and present anatomy postures with regard to opening, standing, seated, inversions, arm balances, and closing postures as they apply to basic yoga classes of restorative, yin, hatha, and vinyasa flow as well as explanations in each section for people with special conditions.


Discuss and evaluate teaching with lead trainer and peers;


Describe and demonstrate the application of anatomically correct structural alignment;


Teach at least 20 hours of classes to public studio students and/or peers; Demonstrate proficiency in teaching meditation, pranayama, kriyas, mantra, chanting, and asana in a variety of learning styles for beginners to advanced students and to students with special conditions.


Demonstrate understanding of the yoga asana poses as related to standing, seated, twists, inversions, backbends, hand balances, supine and restorative poses based on the Ashtanga Primary Series system geared to each level of participant.

Certification Requirements

Dr. Black developed this 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher training based upon her own particular educational background and personal experiences with health challenges. Dr. Black’s two specialties centre on Teacher Education and Lifestyle Management.

As a teacher of teachers at the university level undergraduate through PhD studies, Dr. Black’s specialty in curriculum and instruction in all levels of education can help guide you to be a better teacher in all facets of your life. In addition, Dr. Black suffered, as many of us do, with major health issues that forced her to find a more mindful approach to her life, work, and studies. Through her own personal path of yoga, lifestyle management, and research, she has pulled together a stalwart and exceptional team of faculty members and specialists to help you in your own personal journey.

Our 500 Hour Yoga Teacher trainings are unique in that as a 500 Hour student, you have the opportunity to work directly with others in a “student teaching” environment. You will develop, teach, and receive direct feedback from instructors on lesson plans for students attending our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training as well as learning the nuts and bolts of running your own yoga studio. If you choose the Lifestyle Management Focus, you have the opportunity to work with local therapy and workshop attendees while also learning how to establish your own wellness clientele.

In addition, Dr. Black realizes the intricacies of personal life and work schedules you face at this point in your training, for this reason we have designed flexibility into the 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training to work best around your schedule. Dr. Black counsels with you in applying to the programme, choosing your units, dates, and best fit of study for your needs.

300 Hour Advanced Specialties

300 Hour Advanced Specialties

Dr. Black offers two specialties for our advanced students. One in Teacher Education and the other in Lifestyle & Wellness with a focus on Yoga Therapy which, in conjunction with our 200 Hour level, provides students with their first 500 hours toward a Yoga Therapy Certificate. Students may choose their specialty based on their own particular career goals. Assignments will vary according to specialty. Students may  complete these specialties in any of the immersion formats, weekend or ten-day units.

A. Teacher Education Focus

Completion of all Sections and Modules, exam, and assignments related to teaching.  All modules and sections by special arrangement only.

B. Lifestyle & Wellness Focus

Completion of all three Modules by special arrangement only.

Contact Hours and Assignments

Contact Hours

Participation required at all sessions conducted by Primary RYT or Qualified Guest Instructor including evening Advanced Practice Seminars. Teaching and demonstration at all Asana practice sessions is required and arranged with Primary Instructor/Director at daily planning meetings. Completion of either Option A or B constitutes the total 300 contact hours for 500-hour level registration with your chosen Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Federation.

Non-Contact Hours & Assignments

Completion of all outside assignments for either Option A or B constitutes the total requirement of 200 total non-contact hours for 500-hour level certification. Remaining Teaching Hours: 300 Advanced hour level students will complete 110 actual teaching hours and assignments monitored and logged by the programme director.

Minimum Standard for Pass

Students must have 95% attendance at all sessions in each Unit and 80% of total score on all assignments to obtain 500 Hour Level Certification with Heat to Heal and certification with the Canadian Yoga Alliance (CYA).

Optional Immersion Programs

Immersion, Weekend and Weekly Programmes

Philosophy Focus Immersion:

This training’s major focus is living a yogic lifestyle and how yoga philosophy enriches our lives. Full anatomy and teaching courses provided as well. This immersion is appropriate for the mature student of any physical ability or body style who lives a faith based life and is looking to enhance and discover their true inner nature through spirituality, study of sacred texts such as the Old and New Testament, The Book of Mormon, the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad-Gītā, and your own sacred texts that help you develop a true yogic lifestyle.

Anatomy & Physiology Focus Immersion including five days of Yoga Therapeutics

This intensive provides personalized instruction with smaller numbers and an in-depth study into the yogic lifestyle and practice. We will explore philosophy, nutrition, proper body alignment, and holistic modalities that keep our bodies healthy. This month includes five days of yoga therapeutics as part of the Anatomy Module and as a stand-alone unit as well.

Relating the Five Sheaths (Panca-Kosha) of Yoga to Our Daily Lives

The focus of this training is on applying the Five Sheaths (Panca-Kosha) to our lives in this modern world. We will cover all the requirements for yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, and delve into popular media and how to teach yoga geared to your individual situation. This immersion compares and contrasts contemporary educational theorists to classical yoga theory and philosophy. In addition, this immersion explores teaching and practicing yoga in each individual student’s personal reality and home situations as well as exploring future career and business pathways. This training ill be held on a weekly (or bi-weekly basis) with one week devoted to the them of one Sheath. Week one will be focused on the Anna-Maya-Kosha (or Body); second week on the Prana-Maya-Kosha (energy or breath body); third week focus on the Mano-Maya-Kosha (mental body); fourth week on the Vijnana-Maya-Kosha (sheath of understanding); and the final week will focus on the Ananda-Ma-ya-Kosha (sheath of Bliss).

Lifestyle Immersion

Dr. Black's Lifestyle Immersion includes a combination of content from all three Modules as well as special topics from our Journey to Wellness Series (workshops included in our overall 1,000 hour yoga therapy programme). This immersion is open to 200 and 300 Advanced hour yoga teacher students and others looking for a month long retreat in a peaceful, healing, and nurturing environment. This lovely immersion features local adventure mixed in with quiet meditation and ample time to digest and develop a full yoga practice. Enjoy a month of living the yogic lifestyle while immersing in yoga philosophy, thought, anatomy, physiology, special conditions, teaching styles, creating life plans and more. This immersion is ideal to any person who desires to improve and change their lifestyle. This series is appropriate for those with chronic illness, pain, injury, cancer, diabetes, heart recovery patients, and appropriate for any level of physical ability or age. For those registering in the 300 hour advanced level yoga teacher training, a previous 200 hour registered teacher training is required.

Program Curriculum

Individual Modules/Sections

Dr. Black offers a module programme for those who wish to stretch their training out over a longer amount of time. Each module runs concurrently with our immersion programmes and offers the theme for the training. Modules are split into two or three sections and each section conducted within a three day period with additional time given to advanced students to complete assignments. Dividing modules into segments allows for more flexibility to the student’s time schedule and budgetary concerns.  Philosophy = three sections, Anatomy = one section, Teaching/Learning = one section.  Five sections in total required for certification at this level.

These units are offered as six-day stand-alone units, three day stand alone weekend workshops, weekly courses, or as three and a half week intensives. Students may choose the module structure that best fits their individual needs.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Thought, Philosophy and Practice of Asana (Sections 1, 2, 3)

Module 1: Yoga Philosophy, Scriptures, Lifestyle, Practice and Thought

300 Hour Advanced: Yoga Philosophy, Sutras, Lifestyle, Practice and Thought provides a comprehensive and further in-depth study of Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Sutras, Lifestyle, Practice, and Thought. Sections 1, 2, 3.

This course includes in-depth study into the Eight Fold Path of Yogic Philosophy as described by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Yoga Mala as well as exploring the eight limbs from a moral perspective as discussed in Georg Feurenstein's "Yoga Moraility".

This course also examines Yoga History more fully then basic trainings. Included in this intensive are daily themes related to the Yoga Sutras, Meditation, Asana Practice at a variety of levels, teaching observation and practice, lectures and discussions into the yogic lifestyle and ways of thinking. Assignments for this module include personal yogic scriptures reflective essays.

Learning Objectives

In this comprehensive 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Students will:

Section 1:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of Yoga history and philosophies including the Eight Limbs of Yoga, describe and teach these philosophies to others in a series, and demonstrate their use in daily life;
  • Examine and discuss yoga philosophies to a deeper level by examining each Yogic limb from a moral and ethical perspective;

Section 2:

  • Establish a set meditation practice;
  • Further explore the chakra system.

Section 3:

  • Explore personal application of yoga philosophy and thought through reflective essays;
  • Develop a visual model of historical to contemporary yoga practices and philosophies;
  • Emphasize the role of asana in both personal and professional practice.


500 Level: Part A: 33.34, Part B: 33:34, Part C: 33:32 Contact Hours, 50 Non-contact Hours.

Yoga Anatomy, Physiology, Special Conditions and Therapeutics Section 4

Yoga Anatomy, Physiology, Special Conditions and Therapeutics Module - Section 4

Section 4, of our Teacher Training for 300 Advanced levels provides a comprehensive study of Anatomy and Physiology of the Yogic Subtle and Energetic Bodies in Asana Practice. We present and study a complete study of Western Anatomy of the Subtle Body as well as presenting an overview from the Ayurveda Perspective.

Of primary focus is the physical anatomy of the skeleton, muscles, joints and the physiology of the nervous system and organs. Each system is also explored as to its kinesiological application of movement and the energy application of the Chakras. In addition, this course explores yoga for special conditions.

Students enrolled in advanced studies develop a deeper understanding of anatomy for each individual system through developing a cohesive resource of advanced strategies for beginning to advanced practices as well as for people in pain or with special conditions.

In this section students will:

  • Participate daily in lecture and practices geared to a greater personal understanding of yoga anatomy and teaching;
  • Explain and explore all body systems from the cellular level, skeletal system, muscular and fascial system as it applies to yoga;
  • Learn and demonstrate introductory yoga techniques for the feet, legs, hips, lower back, upper back, shoulders, neck, and head.
  • Participate in discussions and demonstrations of techniques designed to help students with special conditions;
  • Develop anatomically correct restorative and hatha practices for people in pain.

500 Level: 80 Contact Hours, 45 Non-contact Hours.

Learning, Teaching, Special Conditions, and Working in the Business Module - Section 5

Learning, Teaching, Special Conditions, and Working in the Business - Section 5

This section of our Teacher Training for 300 Advanced levels provides a comprehensive teacher instruction model. Module 3 Learning Teaching and Working in Yoga, taught by a professional teacher educator, gives yoga teachers an added edge to understanding and approaching learners from a solid educational base of understanding learning, teaching, and evaluation.

Dr. Black expands on both the philosophy and anatomy modules to include additional techniques for special conditions such as illness, injury, pregnancy, age, and childhood. Ayurveda is explored from the point of using doshas in yoga teaching as common practice as well as in specialized practices for individuals. In addition, the full practice of a yoga class from room set-up, music, theme, props, meditation, pranayama, asana, closing, and follow-up with students is discussed and explored. Students examine yoga in popular media and develop future business plans or teaching philosophies for their continuing yoga professions.

In this sectopm students will:

  • Learn and demonstrate appropriate teaching styles including professional ethics through developing future cohesive programmes;
  • Gain an understanding and practical practice in taking charge of their own personal wellness and helping clients and students do the same;
  • Explore the application of yogic philosophy and thought into teaching and learning through reflective journaling and essays;
  • Understand and demonstrate the full extent of the teaching environment to include room setup, props, meditation, pranayama, appropriate asana, and closure;
  • Develop a cohesive teaching philosophy statement;
  • Depending on track of certification - develop a cohesive business plan model or complete client intake forms.

300 Level: 85 Contact Hours, 30 Non-contact Hours.

300 Hour Individual Module/Section Tuition

Individual Units Payment Option:
Students will pay a non-refundable $500 deposit with application to reserve their place in training and specify unit dates. All fees are due on or before date of training and payment arrangements must be completed before student receives his/her final certificate. Prices are subject to change.

  • Section 1: Philosophy
  • Required
    per Section
  • Prices per section vary according to number of students attending:
  • Private $998 + GST CA per section;
  • 2-4 people $950 + GST CA per section;
  • 5-8 people $900 + GST CA per section
  • Section 2: Lifestyle & Thought
  • Required
    per Section
  • Prices per section vary according to number of students attending:
  • Private $998 + GST CA per section;
  • 2-4 people $950 + GST CA per section;
  • 5-8 people $900 + GST CA per section
  • Seciton 3: Philosophy of Asana
  • Required
    per Section
  • Prices per section vary according to number of students attending:
  • Private $998 + GST CA per section;
  • 2-4 people $950 + GST CA per section;
  • 5-8 people $900 + GST CA per section
  • Section 4: Advanced Anatomy
  • Required
    per Section
  • Prices per section vary according to number of students attending:
  • Private $998 + GST CA per section;
  • 2-4 people $950 + GST CA per section;
  • 5-8 people $900 + GST CA per section
  • Section 5: Advanced Teaching Practices
  • Required
    per Section
  • Prices per section vary according to number of students attending:
  • Private $998 + GST CA per section;
  • 2-4 people $950 + GST CA per section;
  • 5-8 people $900 + GST CA per section

Application Requirements

You must be in sound physical, mental, and emotional health. This is an in-depth and comprehensive training program designed to challenge and nourish you in order to support you in reaching your highest potential. Equally important, you must have a sincere desire to learn, open, grow, and develop on all levels body, mind, heart, and spirit - and be willing to integrate the teachings and practice of yoga and meditation into daily life.

Individual Units Payment Option: Students will pay a non-refundable $500.00 deposit with application to reserve their place in training and specify unit dates. All fees are due on or before date of training and pay-
ment arrangements must be completed before student receives his/her final certificate. Prices are subject to change.


Module 1

Yoga Mala. Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. 2002. North Point Press. New York, New York.

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali: A new Translation and Commentary. Georg Feuerstein. 1989. Inner Traditions International, Rochester, Vermont.

Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual. David Swenson. 1999/2010. Ashtanga Yoga Productions, Austin, Texas.

Module 2

Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing. Dr. Vasant Lad, MSc. 2009. Lotus Press, Twin Lakes, WI.

Eastern Body Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self. Anodea Judith. 1996. Celestial Arts, Crown Publishing a division of Random House, New York, New York.

Scientific Keys Volume 1: The Key Muscles of Yoga. Ray Long, MD. 2006.

Scientific Keys Volume 2: The Key Poses of Yoga. Ray Long, MD. 2008.

Yoga Anatomy. Leslie Kaminoff. 2007. The Breathe Trust, Human Kinetics. Windsor, Ontario. OPTIONAL: Subscription to Yoga Includes full programme videos, handouts, and availability to current yoga anatomy resources. Available only through Heat to Heal to registered YTT participants. Subscription good for up to one year. $250.00 + GST.

Heat to Heal Yoga Therapeutics Manual. Kathie M. Black, PhD. 2013. Available for purchase from Heat to Heal™ only for training participants: Cost $30.00 + GST/PST

Module 3

Heat to Heal Yoga Teacher Training Manual. Kathie M. Black, PhD. 2013. Provided at no cost to training participants. Available for purchase from Ravenrock Publishing Inc. for $60.00 + GST. Prices subject to change.

OPTIONAL: The Need for Heat. Kathie M. Black, PhD. 20130. Available for purchase from Ravenrock Publishing for $15.00 + GST/PST.

Application Requirements

  • A previous 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training from a registered school and E-RYT 500 instructor.
  • You must be in sound physical, mental, and emotional health. This is an intensive training program designed to challenge you on all levels in order to support you in reaching your highest potential.
  • Equally important, you must have a sincere desire to learn, open, grow, and develop on all levels body,mind, heart, and spirit – and be willing to integrate the teachings and practice of yoga and meditation into daily life.
  • Experience and proficiency in sun salutations and Level 1 Asana is recommended (however not mandatory for body workers and/or health professionals).
  • Regular and consistent Pranayama and meditation practice is recommended (however not mandatory for body workers and/or health professionals).
  • Experience as a yoga teacher and/or a background in a related field of holistic therapy is suggested (however not mandatory for body workers and/or health professionals).
  • Acceptance into the program is based upon approval of your application.
  • For 500 Hour certification a copy of your 200 Hour certification is required.

Materials & Props

Students will need their own yoga-sticky-mat. We have rental mats at $2 per class/day and mats for sale on site. Students may bring a meditation cushion for sitting, or purchase one on site. Please bring closed container water bottles, and writing materials for note taking.

Props provided in studio: yoga blocks, straps and blankets. A complete guide to required texts will be included in the final registration materials.

Lodging and Meals

For Training Held at Heat to Heal’s Physical Location

Daily Rate:

  • Shared: $50.00 CA + GST/night
  • Private Twin Bed: $80.00 CA + GST/night
  • Deluxe Private Queen Bed: $100.00 CA + GST/night (private rooms limited. First come first serve basis only)

Unit Rate (25% off daily rates)

Immersion Rate (50% off daily rates)

Weekend Rate (Based on 2 nights lodging 10% discount on daily rate):

  • Deluxe Private Queen Bed: $144.00 CA + GST Prices subject to change.

For Trainings held off-site:

Costs will vary according to location and venue. We will endeavour to keep costs of all trainings and locations within specific budgetary constraints.


Meal availability and facilities will vary according to chosen venues.

Work Study Positions

Heat to Heal™ offers work-study positions to help students offset the cost of their training. Work-study positions are available in social media, photography, yard work, house keeping, and studio tasks. $250.00 toward 200 hour training – 20 hours of trade at $12.50/hour rate. $500.00 toward 500 hour training – 25 hours of trade at $20.00/hour rate.

Yoga Instructors Continuing Education Credits

Certified Yoga Instructors can use any of Heat to Heal Units or Trainings as continuing education credits. CYA members receive an additional 25% discount on all trainings at Heat to Heal (except outside events and/or Canadian Yoga Alliance Sponsored special events – although you do receive the CE credits). If you choose the trainings without assignments, please determine your costs on the 200 Hour YTT Basis. If wanting extra hours and to complete assignments, please figure your costs on the 500 Hour YTT Basis. Discount does not apply if taking training to achieve 500 Hour Level.